Craig Wickesser
Dec 14, 2013 1 min read

Go Advent Day 14 - gobrew

What is gobrew?

Simply put, gobrew lets you easily switch between multiple versions of go. It is based on rbenv and pyenv.

Why gobrew?

Often times you’ll be developing against one version of Go when another version is released (or perhaps a release candidate is made available). Instead of fighting to manage multiple versions and changing your $PATH repeatedly, you can use one simple tool to manage your installations of Go.

Get gobrewing

  1. Clone the repository

    git clone git:// ~/.gobrew
  2. Update your shell config

    export PATH="$HOME/.gobrew/bin:$PATH"
    eval "$(gobrew init -)"
  3. List available versions

    gobrew list
  4. Install Go

    gobrew install 1.2

note: there’s a bug in gobrew which doesn’t allow go version 1.2 to be installed on Mac OS X.


Give gobrew a shot, fork it or submit issues and let’s make it the best Go version manager around. If you’re behind a proxy server, check out gobrew::fw as well.