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Dec 25, 2013 4 min read

Go Advent Day 25 - Announcing GopherCon 2014 Speakers

Go Advent

This posting brings to a close the Go Advent series that started on December 1st. We’ve had some amazing posts from all around the Go community. We can’t thank our authors and contributors enough for the time and effort they expended creating and editing the articles. We hope everyone agrees that this is a tradition worth keeping!

GopherCon 2014

GopherCon 2014 will be held in Denver, Colorado, USA on April 24th through April 26th, 2014 at the Marriot Denver City Center. You can register by visiting the GopherCon website. Don’t forget to book your hotel rooms using the special discount link which will guarantee you our discounted rates at the host hotel.

Single Track

Our favorite conferences are single track. Everyone gets the same experience, and nobody has to make the tough decision on which awesome talk to skip. The trade-off is that we can only fill these two days with so many great talks before everyone’s heads explode from the information overload. We’re going to try having 30 minute talks at this innaugural GopherCon so that we can squeeze a few more talks into our days.

Over Seventy Proposals

We had over 70 formal responses to our call for proposals. Choosing a small handful of them was no easy task, so we engaged several members of the community to help. Each proposal was rated individually, then we chose the final list from among the highest rated proposals. That’s where things got more complicated. Many of the highest rated proposals were on similar topics. So we picked the highest rated talks in a broad group of categories in order to make the conference more interesting. We hope you’ll agree that the final list of talks is an impressive one.

This schedule is subject to change.

Thursday April 24th

  • Rob Pike : Keynote

  • Derek Collison : Building High-Performance Systems in Go - What’s New and Best Practices

  • Petar Maymounkov : The Go Circuit: Towards elastic computation with no failures

  • William Kennedy : Building an Analytics Engine using Go

  • Josh Bleecher Snyder : Embedded Go and Bluetooth Low Energy Hardware

  • Kelsey Hightower : Go for Sysadmins

  • Rob Miller : Data Snarfing with Go: A Heka Good Time

  • David Symonds : Gophers on a Plane: The story of Go on App Engine

  • Ben Johnson : Writing a High Performance Database in Go

  • Mitchell Hashimoto : Multi-Process Plugins Using Go RPC

  • Matt Reiferson : Spray some NSQ on it

  • Mike Gehard : Taking back the command line with Go

  • Brad Fitzpatrick : To Be Determined

Friday April 25th

  • Russ Cox : To Be Determined

  • Gustavo Niemeyer, Steve Francia : Painless data storage with MongoDB and Go

  • Peter Bourgon : Best practices for production environments

  • John Graham-Cumming : A channel compendium

  • Solomon Hykes : Making Docker GO: Why One of the Fastest Growing Open Source Projects Is Based on Go

  • Stephen McQuay, Fraser Graham : Writing and Debugging a Web-Based Multi-Player Game

  • Ron Evans, Adrian Zankich : Gobot: Go Powered Robotics and Physical Computing

  • Blake Mizerany : Little known tricks used in Go’s stdlib

  • Baron Schwartz : Building Database Applications with database/sql

  • Alan Shreve : Build your developer tools in Go

  • Richard Crowley : A State Machine Datastore in the Wild

  • Andrew Gerrand : Closing Keynote

Saturday April 26th

On April 26th, we have a room reseved with just one thing in mind: making it easy for you to spend time hacking, networking, talking, and having fun with your favorite Gopher friends. Maybe you’ll want to organize lightning talks in the morning? Maybe you’ll get together with the contributors to your Open Source project that you’ve never met in person? Whatever you do you’ll be spending the day with Gophers from across the globe!

Thank You To Everyone Who Submitted Talks

Submitting a proposal to a conference is a little intimidating, we know. We’d like to personally thank the 70+ people who submitted proposals to speak at GopherCon 2014. There’s no doubt that each of the proposals we received would have made a great talk. The breadth, depth, and quality of the proposals was amazing.

Thank You To The Reviewers

A special thank you to the community reviewers who helped us narrow down the 70+ proposals to a list of finalists. You each spent a lot of time going through these proposals, and we appreciate it!

The End, and the Beginning

This is the end of the 2013 Go Advent series. It’s been a ton of fun, and we hope you’ve all enjoyed the daily articles. Thank you to everyone who submitted articles, and to those who helped to format and edit them. Extra special thanks to Dave Cheney, who had his hands in almost every day’s article.

We enjoyed having a new article to read every morning in December, and we want to keep the momentum going. In January, we’d like to post a new article every Monday on the topic of “Distributed Computing”. If you have an article you’d like to write an article for one of the four weeks in January, get in touch with us! []