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Building a global services network using Go, QUIC and Micro

Over the past 6 months we at Micro have been hard at work developing a global service network to build, share and collaborate on microservices.

Como construir sitios web con HUGO

Esta publicación tiene como objetivo enseñar a como construir sitios web utilizando HUGO y como subirlo a un hosting. Hugo es un generador de sitios web estáticos construidos con el lenguaje GO, fue creado en el año 2013.

Fun With Flags

In a previous article we discussed why command line applications are important and talked about few guidelines. In this article we’ll see how we can use the built-in flag package to write command line applications.

Safe use of unsafe.Pointer

Package unsafe provides an escape hatch from Go’s type system, enabling interactions with low-level and system call APIs, in a manner similar to C programs.

Contribute Beyond Code: Open Source for Everyone

Developers are often encouraged to contribute to open source. If you don’t consider yourself a developer, it can feel daunting to start on the journey to contributing.

Directional Channels in Go

Go’s channels provide a primitive for typed, synchronous message passing. Combined with goroutines, they form the backbone of Go’s CSP-inspired concurrency model. They’re simple and expressive, but they can be difficult to use properly, especially if you need to control who can read from them or write to them.