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Simple messaging framework using Go TCP server and Kafka

I needed to create a simple framework to provide my endpoint devices ( doesn’t matter which platform they run on ) the option to send and receive messages from my backend.

Go 1.10

Table of contents Language changes Operating Systems support Tooling Environment Variables go build go install go test gofmt go fix pprof Runtime CGO support Debugging Assembly support Packages Closing notes Introduction Go 1.

Create a Slack bot with golang

Create a Slack bot with golang Introduction In this post we’ll look at how to set up a quick Slack bot that receives messages (either direct or from channel) and replies to the user.

TensorFlow and Go

This year I helped organize several online security challenges, one of which is Blacklight. Among the things I was asked to do, was creating a POC for a specific challenge, to prove that it’s possible to solve in a reasonable time.

Using Go Templates

Go templates are a powerful method to customize output however you want, whether you’re creating a web page, sending an e-mail, working with Buffalo, Go-Hugo, or just using some CLI such as kubectl.

Method Closures: You Can't Do That In Go

Neugram is a scripting language that sticks very close to Go. Go statements are Neugram statements, you can import Go packages, scripts can be compiled to Go programs, and types look just like the equivalent Go types at run time (which means packages built on reflection, like fmt, work as expected).