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Going fast at startups

FullStory is a tool for understanding website visitors in a whole new way. An in-page script captures everything that happens during a user’s online session, including the entire DOM and every mutation.

Bleve: Text Search Powered by Go

Bleve, a text indexing and search library for Go, is excited to be part of the celebration of the 5th birthday of Go. Building a complete solution for indexing and search text requires integrating many different technologies. Go, the language, the standard library, the whole ecosystem, combine to make this not only possible, but fun.

How Continuum ended up being written in Go

In March of 2012, I had just left VMware and the project I had founded, architected and built, Cloud Foundry. PaaS then was still very new, as was a distributed system built in Ruby.

Using Go in government

When the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) started working on GOV.UK, much of it was built in Ruby. Since then, we’ve used a number of different programming languages across government including Java, Clojure, Scala, Python and Javascript.

To be Concurrent or Not to be? Sometimes Both

Go really makes concurrency easy. That said, there’s still some things to watch out for and not every 3rd party package you find out there is ready to have “go” put in front of its functions.

Why InfluxDB is written in Go

InfluxDB is an open source time series database written in Go. One of the important distinctions between Influx and some other time series solutions is that it doesn’t require any other software to install and run.