GopherCon 2015 lightning talk results

Contributed by   2015-06-25

Registrations for the GopherCon’s Hack Day talks closed on the 20th of July, here are the results. Forward After the popularity of the lightning talk sessions last year, and the huge interest the call for papers received, we expected very high demand for lightning talk slots this year. Surprisingly, that demand never materialised. However, this is good news, because it means that everyone who registered their interest will have the opportunity to present on stage.


GopherCon Friday Hack Day details

Contributed by   2015-06-15

With less than a month til GopherCon 2015 we’ve been hard at work on plans for the Friday 10th Hack Day. The previous year’s unofficial Friday Hack Day was so popular we decided this year to integrate it into the conference proper. We’re providing the space and the wifi, you bring your favorite project and work together with friends you only get to see in person once a year at GopherCon.


GopherCon 2015 lightning talk registrations

Contributed by   2015-06-05

Friday the 10th of July is GopherCon’s Hack Day. By popular request we’re going to be running lightning talks in main theatre most of the day. This is your opportunity to step on to the stage at the Mile High Ballroom and tell the world something about Go. The Process There are 3 lightning talk sessions with 10 talks each on Friday July 10th: Time Event 11:00 - 12:30 Hack and Tell 12:30 - 13:30 Break for lunch 13:30 - 15:00 Call to Action 15:00 - 16:30 Go Tips and Tricks Registrations are now open.


A Look Inside Caddy, a Web Server Written in Go

Contributed by   2015-05-27

Caddy is a unique web server with a modern feature set. Think nginx or Apache, but written in Go. With Caddy, you can serve your websites over HTTP/2. It can act as a reverse proxy and load balancer. Front your PHP apps with it. You can even deploy your site with git push. Cool, right? Caddy serves the Gopher Academy websites, including this blog. Go ahead, check out the response headers.


A unique Gophercon 2015 souvenir

Contributed by   2015-05-26

A unique Gophercon 2015 souvenir

We’re excited to announce something that we’ve been working on behind the scenes for quite a while.

As a gift to GopherCon 2015 attendees who book hotel accommodation through one of our hotel partners, on check in, you will receive one of these as the key to your room:

GopherCon 2015 souvenir key card. This is a mock up -- the real thing will be even more awesome!


Introducing Congo

Contributed by   2015-05-25

Congo - an upcoming Conference Management Tool While we absolutely love running GopherCon, one thing jumps out as the most troublesome aspect of managing a large conference: managing the data. There are nice commercial solutions, but they charge pretty high fees. There are some open source solutions, but they’re generally older and abandoned. There are some hybrid solutions that are free for smaller conferences and expensive for larger ones. We’re Programmers, Right?


GopherCon 2015 - Tickets selling fast

Contributed by   2015-05-14

GopherCon 2015 tickets selling fast We’re delighted to announce that this week GopherCon 2015 ticket sales have passed the 1,000 mark! This means that there are less than a third of all tickets remaining. As a reminder of what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t get a ticket this year: Two days of talks from the brightest minds in the Go community including keynotes from Russ Cox and Robert Griesemer.


GopherCon 2015 - Speakers Round 3

Contributed by   2015-04-22

We’ve just published our third and final set of speakers for GopherCon 2015. These final five speakers mark the completion of the speaking programme for 2015. Audrey Lim Blake Caldwell Katherine Cox-Buday Björn Rabenstein Abhishek Kona You can read more about our speakers and their talks on the GopherCon website. With the call for papers closed and the speakers chosen, I want to take the opportunity to give thanks and reflect on the process of choosing the speakers for GopherCon 2015.


GopherCon 2015 - Speakers Round 2

Contributed by   2015-04-17

GopherCon 2015 is on track to be the most amazing Go conference ever held. Our tradition of bringing you the best speakers and most interesting topics continues with today’s release of the second round of speakers. We’re hardly able to contain our excitement for how the program is shaping up this year. Lookout for more details regarding activities happening around the conference and more details about Hack Day. Barak Michener Kelsey Hightower Kevin Cantwell Kyle Erf & Sam Helman Richard Fliam Rick Hudson Sarah Adams Tomás Senart You can read more about our speakers and their talks on the GopherCon website.


GopherCon 2015 - Speakers Round 1

Contributed by   2015-04-10

Call for Papers The GopherCon 2015 Call for Papers was an incredible success. We received over 164 submissions from people all over the world. Our panel of 12 community members worked tirelessly to review and rate each proposal. It was a challenge to limit the talks to just 22, we only wish we had more speaking slots to fill. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a proposal and especially our review committee and our Program Coordinator, Dave Cheney.