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Probabilistic Data Structures for Go: Bloom Filters

In part one, I talked about some interesting probabilistic data structures.. In part two, I will discuss a more common approximate data structure: Bloom filters and their variations.

goquery: a little like that j-thing

A little over 2 and a half years ago I started playing with that new language called Go. Coming mostly from .NET and node.js, I was at first intrigued by its concurrency features and its lack of object inheritance, and impressed by the quality of the team behind it.

Writing file systems in Go with FUSE

Motivation Some time ago, I decided I wanted to solve my own storage needs better, and I realized that I can’t just rely on synchronizing files.

Easy Docker Deployment with Hooks and Captain Hook

Deploying with “git push” the Docker Way Many people have asked me how we set up the GopherAcademy blog to automatically deploy when we push a commit.

Patchwork Toolkit - Lightweight Platform for the Network of Things

Patchwork is a toolkit for connecting various devices into a network of things or, in a more broad case - Internet of Things (IoT). A tl;dr picture describing the idea behind it is shown below.

Nigel's WebDAV package

Nigel Tao and Nick Cooper have been working on a new WebDAV package for the repository. The package is still in its formative stages, so this isn’t a review of the package itself.