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Simple backoff

Or, taming connection state and thundering herds. There comes a time in the life of many programs when you need to maintain a persistent connection to a server.

Atlas: Building with Rails and Go Microservices

Atlas is a recently announced service by HashiCorp that provides a single platform to take an application from development through to production. The complexity of the problem makes Atlas a sophisticated web service that is composed of many moving pieces.

Soy - Programmable templates for Go, Java, JS

Closure Templates (aka Soy Templates) is a client and server-side templating language developed at Google. The Go implementation exposes the the internal structure of the template (the AST).

Wrapping Git in rc shell

Wrapping Git in rc shell Introduction When Rob Pike announced the migration of Go from Mercurial and Rietveld to Git and Gerrit, like most people, I was pretty enthusiastic.

The Case Against Third Party Libraries

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love versionless package management If you spend any time on the golang-nuts mailing list you’ll learn that the only thing more contentious than generics is package management.

Using a JSON File as a Database Safely in Go

There are definitely problems with using a json file as a database, but sometimes the simplicity of no extra dependencies makes it an attractive option.