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The Other Side of Go: Programming Pictures, the Read, Parse, Draw Pattern

The other side of Go: Programming Pictures, the Read, Parse, Draw Pattern Go has proven to be extremely versatile and well suited to back-end tasks, but sometimes you need a picture, and I’ve found that Go works well for generating visuals as well.

Type safe templating with ego

Go has seen many converts from scripting languages such as Ruby and Python. These newcomers love the type safety, the language simplicity, and the static binaries that Go offers.

Viper: Configuration with Fangs

One of the hardest things to get right when building command line or server applications is user configuration. One look at the many different INI formats or various approaches used in /etc demonstrates that there really isn’t a good and standard approach.

Testing Microservices in Go

This post is about testing microservices and why they should be tested differently from many types of software. Microservices are by their very nature simple and encapsulated behind their api.

Managing Dependencies

Packages, dependencies, versions. This post will explore two tools and how I’ve been using them. Godep as the consumer of third-party packages, and as a library author.

Cobra: A Modern & Refined CLI Commander

Go is the perfect language to develop command line applications. Go has a few advantages that really set it apart from other languages: Single binary Very fast execution time, no interpreter needed Go is awesome!