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2015 Year in Review

Looking back on 2015 has humbled us here at Gopher Academy. What an amazing year we’ve had. Let’s review some of the highlights: We’ve published dozens of community-written articles.

2D Game Libraries for Go

By now, we all know that Go is a great language for writing servers and command line tools. But what about games? Can you make desktop, web, or mobile games in Go too?

etcd: distributed key-value store with grpc/http2

What is etcd? etcd is a distributed, consistent key-value store, written in Go. Similar to how Linux distributions typically use /etc to store local configuration data, etcd can be thought of as a reliable store for distributed configuration data.

Understanding and using the vendor folder

With the release of Go 1.5, there is a new way the go tool can discover go packages. This method is off by default and the surrounding tools, such as goimports, do not understand that folder layout.

Glow: Map Reduce for Golang

Having been a Java developer for many years, I have simply lost interest in Java and want to code everything in Go, mostly due to Go’s simplicity and performance.

Symmetric API Testing

I maintain Anaconda, the Twitter client library for Go. There are a lot of interesting things I could write about Anaconda - for example, automatic rate-limiting and throttling using the tokenbucket library.