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Lessons in Go Learned while Implementing SHIELD

Quick background: What is SHIELD? SHIELD is a backup solution for Cloud Foundry and BOSH deployed services such as Redis, PostgreSQL, and Docker. (For the interested, here is a quick summary of the basics of BOSH and Cloud Foundry.

Tiny Linux OSes with Go

Small disclaimer: This is much more fun than it is useful For a while now, we’ve been seeing new “cloud” OSes crop up, like CoreOS and RancherOS.

Geographical data manipulation using go

GIS open source world is dominated by C/C++, Java and Python code. Libraries like PROJ4, JTS, GEOS or GDAL are at the core of most of the open source geospatial projects.

Composable Pipelines Improved

I wrote a post here on GopherAcademy earlier this year, about an idea for a “framework-less” pattern for Flow-Based Programming style programs in Go, or let’s just call it “composable concurrent pipelines”.

Hydra: Run your own Identity and Access Management service in <5 Minutes

This article introduces Hydra, the open source micro service alternative to proprietary authorization solutions. It will take you less than five minutes to start up a OAuth2 provider and gain access to a rich features set, including access control and identity management.

Automi: Stream Processing Over Go Channels

As a Go programmer, one of the features that attracted me to the language is the channel-based idiom used for goroutine communications. Channels, along with goroutines, form the basis for the Go concurrency primitives.