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Writing an SSH server in Go

When I’m working on the Gogs project, there is a need of builtin SSH server, which allows users to preform Git-only operations through key-based authentication.

Manage Dependencies Like Other Languages With Glide

Managing dependent packages in most of the popular and new languages have common patterns implemented by package managers. If you need to manage packages in Python, JavaScript, Rust, Java, Ruby, C# (via .

gopy: extending CPython with Go

Applications and libraries do not live in a vacuum. This is of course true for Go packages and commands. More often than not, you need your code to interact with legacy applications or old and battle tested libraries.

NATS: High Performance Cloud Native Messaging Written in Go

Performance at scale is critically important for anybody attempting to build distributed systems today. Pieces of a given service might be spread across physical or virtual infrastructure, or might be comprised of thousands or even millions of devices (Internet of Things).

Generate and Use Free TLS Certificates with Lego

If your Go program uses the transport layer of the network at all—whether to serve static files, an API, or something else over the wire—you should be encrypting connections using TLS.

test2doc: Generate Your API Docs

API docs are important. We all know that. They are also painful and tedious to maintain. When your docs aren’t accurate, you get more questions.