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Writing an API Client in Go

Let’s say you need to write a client that talks to a third party API, like the AWS API, or the Twilio API. Go gives you a lot of tools that can help you write a really good client, but you have to know how to take advantage of them!

Predicting genetic diseases with CloudForest

CloudForest is a machine learning project dedicated to the construction of Random Forests built entirely in Go. It was created by Ryan Bressler. Random Forests are a machine learning algorithm based around the construction of many single classification trees, each splitting both the training set and the features available to train the model randomly.

Teaching Go to complete beginners

TL;DR How about arranging a GoBridge workshop for beginners as your New Year’s resolution? Teach Go to complete beginners Being a good Go programmer is definitely good.

Implementing Git's Compression In Go

Implementing Git’s Compression in Go Git + Go = Gitgo Gitgo is a pure Go library for core Git functions. As a ground-up implementation with no C bindings, it implements the entire structure of Git repositories from scratch.

Enigma emulator in Go

Introduction This story begins the day after I got home after giving a talk at the wonderful DevFest Siberia. Shortly after my weekly fix of Westworld, a strange nagging feeling appeared — like the one you get from unpaid bills, a postcard that you forgot to send, or a particularly nasty API endpoint that you were supposed to refactor a year ago but then, well, I mean, it works, right?

Gleam: Distributed Map Reduce for Golang

After developing Glow last year, I came to realize the two limitations of Go for distributed data processing. First, generics are needed. Of course, we can use reflection.