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2016 Wrap Up

2016 was an amazing year for Go and for the Go community. New conferences popped up all over the globe, and there were some amazing new projects written in Go.

Go 1.8

With Go following a predetermined release schedule of February - August and a Release Candidate for Go 1.8 just a few days after this article, it looks like we should be able to talk about Go 1.

Introducing Go to your organization

Go is without a doubt a growing language. Some still consider it a young language, due to the fact that it was released “just” under 5 years ago.

Promoting the Quality and Collaboration of Your Open Source Project

So your open source project is on GitHub. It has tests, an awesome logo, probably a few stars, and maybe even a few other contributors.

Testing distributed systems in Go

What is etcd etcd is a key-value store for the most critical data of distributed systems. Use cases include applications running on Container Linux by CoreOS, which enables automatic Linux kernel updates.

A little bit of Machine Learning: Playing with Google's Prediction API

Before we get started, let’s begin by making clear that this isn’t going to be a deep dive on TensorFlow, neural networks, inductive logic, Bayesian networks, genetic algorithms or any other sub-heading from the Machine Learning Wikipedia article.