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Safe use of unsafe.Pointer

Package unsafe provides an escape hatch from Go’s type system, enabling interactions with low-level and system call APIs, in a manner similar to C programs.

Contribute Beyond Code: Open Source for Everyone

Developers are often encouraged to contribute to open source. If you don’t consider yourself a developer, it can feel daunting to start on the journey to contributing.

Directional Channels in Go

Go’s channels provide a primitive for typed, synchronous message passing. Combined with goroutines, they form the backbone of Go’s CSP-inspired concurrency model. They’re simple and expressive, but they can be difficult to use properly, especially if you need to control who can read from them or write to them.

Writing Friendly Command Line Applications

Let me tell you a story… In 1986 Knuth wrote a program to demonstrate literate programming. The task was to read a file of text, determine the n most frequently used words, and print out a sorted list of those words along with their frequencies.

Go Advent Introduction

Our tradition at Gopher Academy is to host an Advent Calendar of blog posts contributed by the community each December. I’m excited to kick off the 2019 series with this introduction!

Reactive planning and reconciliation in Go

I wrote a quick introduction about why I think reactive planning is a cloud native pattern and I published an article about control theory, but I have just scratched the surface of this topic obviously.