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Integration test made easy with testcontainers

There are a lot of information in the title I know, but I am not good enough to make it simple. Back in the days, I tried to make some contribution to OpenZipkin an open source tracing infrastructure in Java.

Personal Photo Management using Go and TensorFlow

We love taking photos. Privacy concerns - and the wish to properly archive them for the next generation - brought us to the conclusion that existing cloud solutions are not the right tool to keep them organized.

Avoiding high GC overhead with large heaps

The Go Garbage Collector (GC) works exceptionally well when the amount of memory allocated is relatively small, but with larger heap sizes the GC can end up using considerable amounts of CPU.

Using Go in Devops

== Using Go for DevOps == This post is aiming to provide a new angle on using Go. Don’t expect code snippets or learning a new thing, but rather be open for a new perspective, and share this with your favorite SysOps/DevOps/Observability Engineers who are considering new solutions.

Computing and plotting π with Gonum and a zest of Monte Carlo

Today we will see how we can compute π with a technique called Monte Carlo. Wikipedia, the ultimate source of truth in the (known) universe has this to say about Monte Carlo:

GPIOs and Go

Go Advent, Dec. 22, 2018 Recently, I decided that I needed a small heads up display for import things I kept forgetting, like the time until an event started or number of unread emails in my inbox.