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Go Advent Day 25 - Announcing GopherCon 2014 Speakers

Go Advent This posting brings to a close the Go Advent series that started on December 1st. We’ve had some amazing posts from all around the Go community.

Go Advent Day 24.5 - Thank you

Thank you So far this year’s Go Advent has generated over 60k unique page views and exists as a permanent resource for the future. In this penultimate post we’d like to recap the contributions by our fantastic authors.

Go Advent Day 24 - Channel Buffering Patterns

Introduction One common method for message processing in Go is to receive from an input channel and write to an output channel, often using intermediate channels for message transformation and filtering.

Go Advent Day 23 - Multi-Platform Applications: Architecture and Cross-Compilation

Introduction While Go is touted for its utility on the server side and in networked environments, Go is incredibly powerful as a client-side (desktop) application language as well.

Go Advent Stocking Stuffer Bonus - Ginkgo and Gomega: BDD-Style Testing For Go

Ginkgo and Gomega: BDD-Style Testing For Go Agile software development is all about discipline, and disciplined agile developers test-drive their code: with a comprehensive test suite, refactoring and adding new features becomes substantially less stressful and time-consuming.

Go Advent Day 22 - A Journey Into NSQ

Introduction (NSQ is a realtime distributed messaging platform. It’s designed to serve as the backbone of a modern infrastructure composed of loosely connected services running on many computers.