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Go Advent Day 21 - Two Factor Authentication in Go

Introduction Every day we hear about another site getting hacked and more passwords being leaked. Bad passwords and password reuse are two of the biggest problems with the human side of computer security.

Go Advent Day 20 - Go in Academia: Emulating Wireless Networks

How I Came to This TL;DR; — We didn’t want to use simulators and using real device for experiments became infeasible, so I decided to build an emulator for 802.

Go Advent Day 19 - Eject the Web

Editors Note: Yasuhiro is not a native English speaker, so during the editing of this post is was necessary to make some minor corrections. We felt that it was very important however, that the Author’s original phrasing and intent be preserved as much as possible.

Go Advent Day 18 - Go Outside

Introduction Outside is a Go package to dynamically link to and execute functions in Windows Dynamic Link Libraries and Linux Shared Libraries. Its current status is ‘prerelease’ with only 32-bit register size implemented and tested so far.

Go Advent Day 17 - Pond: a New RSS+Atom Syncing Protocol

The Problem We’re standing on the verge of a new era of data ownership and privacy, with decentralization and cryptography taking center stage on the technical side of things.

Go Advent Day 16 - Coconut: a pure Go blogging engine

Quickstart Coconut is a simple blogging engine. It has two kinds of content: Articles and Pages. Articles are stored in the articles directory and can be requested by using their file name (minus the required “.