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Go Advent Day 15 - Accelerating ecommerce with Go

Welcome Writing an ecommerce site in Go Go adoption in the enterprise is increasing since the 1.0 release. Large respected tech companies have been using Go to build interesting back end services like etcd, specialized content delivery systems like dl.

Go Advent Day 14 - gobrew

What is gobrew? Simply put, gobrew lets you easily switch between multiple versions of go. It is based on rbenv and pyenv. Why gobrew? Often times you’ll be developing against one version of Go when another version is released (or perhaps a release candidate is made available).

Go Advent Day 13 - Go web services with Tiger Tonic

Welcome Go is unique among mainstream programming languages in that its standard library web server is not a complete afterthought. The Go language is well-suited for engineering complex networked services and Go’s standard library recognizes that many (if not most) of those services communicate via HTTP.

Go Advent Day 12 - Inside the Go Playground

From-the-state’s-secret-department Today’s post comes to us from the Go team’s own Andrew Gerrand. Reporting from deep inside an undisclosed location, Andrew lifts the lid on one of Go’s greatest mysteries: how does the Go Playground work?

Go Advent Day 11 - Build a Christmas List with Martini

Introduction Martini is a Go package for web server development that has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last month. Martini was written to help make web development in Go a convenient, expressive, and DRY (pun intended) process.

Go Advent Day 10 - Beyond Static Binaries

Introduction Today we’re going to go against the general theme of the Go Advent Calendar and introduce No New Hotness™. That’s because today is all about why folks in IT operations <3 go.