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Go Advent Day 9 - Building A Weather App In Go

Introduction At Ardan Studios we have spent the last 6 months, in our spare time and on weekends, building a consumer based mobile application called OutCast.

Go Advent Day 8 - Doctor Who and the mutant Go compilers

At the end of 1963 the UK was in the grip of Beatlemania, but for an impressionable 7-year old like me, it was the arrival of Doctor Who that really fired my imagination.

Go Advent Day 7 - A Router for GOV.UK

Introduction When we set out to build GOV.UK, the new home for UK Government information and services, we decided up front that we wanted an architecture that would allow us to build very focussed applications that did one thing well.

Go Advent Day 6 - Service Discovery with etcd

Introduction At Poptip, our first foray into Go was a small but critical service that required extremely high throughput for a non-trivial amount of text processing.

Go Advent Day 5 - An introduction to beego

An introduction to beego Beego is an open-source, high-performance and lightweight application framework for the Go programming language. It supports a RESTful router, MVC design, session, cache intelligent routing, thread-safe map and many more features that you can check out here.

Go Advent Day 4 - GoConvey

Introduction One highly appealing aspect about Go is built-in testing with go test. From one who once eschewed test-driven development, I now wholly encourage it.